This is an enterprise started by three most professional Tea Planters from Assam, India, who have over 40 years of experience each in the Indian Tea Industry and are willing to take up any kind of project anywhere in the tea producing countries. Having worked in tea estates producing top quality teas we bring our strengths and expertise as given below.

What We Offer?


  • Raising of tea nurseries for vegetative propagation of Clonal Tea Plants having both quality and yield for planting and infilling.
  • Uprooting unremunerative tea, land preparation for new extension planting/replanting.
  • Supervision of tea planting and upkeep to get a strong base of mature tea plants in 3 years.
  • Raising of tree nurseries for planting and infilling of shade in tea areas.
  • Development of fuel and nutritional tree areas.
  • Pest and Weed Management in tea using EU approved safe chemicals.
  • Preparing optimum fertilizer application program and supervision of application techniques.
  • Electronic Plucking Weighment and its Controls.


  • Training of staff and workers in various areas of Tea Production in Field and Factory
  • Training of small tea holders in field practices


  • Preparation and monitoring of Tea Estate Budgets with periodic checking of expenditure
  • Recruitment and placement of Tea and Agricultural Professionals as well as building up a complete team of experts where we can leaverage our resources and experience

Quality Control

  • Laying out Rain Forest Alliance (field) and HACCP (factory) procedures


  • Advisory on Tea Manufacture for CTC and Orthodox production
  • Automation of Tea Factories for on-line manufacture
  • New Tea Factory layout planning
  • Planning Factory Transport
  • Factory Instrumentation and Record Keeping
  • Saving Factory Power
  • Factory Safety and Hygiene